100 Club Info and Sign-up


The 100 Club is an initiative taken by Endeavour Hills Rugby Union Football Club to build social connectivity within our rugby community. By becoming a member of the 100 Club you are not only becoming a social member, you are also helping support our club and players, and becoming part of our great rugby culture.

Benefits of Joining:

• Special seating allocated for 100 club only at home games.

• Special supporters’ hats or scarves for 100 club only, with 100 club logos, and a unique design.

• A dedicated section in club where member’s names will be displayed. With a list of what your money contributed towards. For example; players bonuses, physios, uniforms, kit bags, etc.

• Invitation to all club events and membership to In the Nest Club.

• All proceeds from 100 club could be directly linked to team building and improvements, from uniforms to player’s bonuses (whatever club decides and needs).

• Partnership with other club sponsors to provide special deals for 100 club members only.

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